Tent Production

Our Traditional Collection of tents are ideal for Garden, Poolside, Beach, Birthdays, Themed Parties and Weddings due to their richness, diversity and comfort. Designed and constructed by hand by skilled craftsmen these splendid Indian traditional tents provide a charming setting for your garden or event produced by the leading Indian manufacturer using handcrafted and time honoured techniques. All our tents are made from the finest materials; the outer 15 oz marquee canvas is fire retardant, waterproof and rot proof and complies with BS 7837: 1996, BS 3408:1992, and BS 2087:1992. The decorative inner linings are made of 200gsm cotton and can be hand block printed by our skilled and experienced staff in a range of designs and colours or made to your specific needs.

The block printing process is done by hand. The maximum size of the block is roughly 5" square and many of the motifs employ 2 or 3 blocks to make up the print. Each block is hand carved using the local hard wood known as sheesham. Block printing is a very skilled process as just the right amount of pressure has to be applied and this varies from block to block depending on size. The colours used are fixed and are machine washable.

In fact, each and every product unmistakably captures the rich heritage of India. Our company really benefits from the team of highly efficient and excellent master craftsmen. We also undertake customized orders to suit individual preferences, tastes and specifications.

The tents and linings are manufactured by a happy workforce with great team spirit, which in turn produces satisfactory results for our valued buyers. Child labour is strictly avoided and an atmosphere of belonging prevails. Responsibility is taken for the education of employee's children. Admissions, books, monthly fees, school dresses are all paid for. Clients are welcome to visit our factory in Ambala City should they wish.